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Rinspeed, the Swiss automotive powerhouse of ideas will show the world what a learning and personalized “friend on wheels” might look like at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show with the trans-urban “Budii” concept car.

Rinspeed_Budii_1The electrically powered eye-catcher, based on the BMW i3 is intended to become the driver’s “best buddy,” and its autopilot the perfect chauffeur that quickly adapts to the habits and preferences of its “boss.” To this end, “Budii” will feature a host of innovations, which following a long-standing Rinspeed tradition will revolve around humans and their needs. In addition, it will take data from its environment and the “experiences” of other vehicles along its route into account.

The car for the city and surrounding countryside will handle the often inconvenient daily routine trips independently, while the “pilot” will still be able to take the wheel as usual on fun weekend trips. The ingenious twist: the steering wheel is supported by a state-of-the-art sensitive robot arm, which enables both the driver and the front passenger to steer. And if nobody feels like steering, it is simply parked in center position.

Rinspeed_Budii_5The sensitive 7-axis unit is more than merely a steering column, however. In theory, it will make endless adjustment options possible: for example, during automated driving in the daily commute it parks the steering wheel in the center with minimum space requirements or it serves as a table or attentive personal valet. This is made possible by the unique and multi-redundant “steer-by-wire” technology from Paravan.

Rinspeed_Budii_3According to Rinspeed-Boss Rinderknecht, autonomous driving will undoubtedly offer the opportunity to make traffic more people-friendly and reduce the number of traffic accidents worldwide. “In the future, cars will do just as we do: they will keep learning every day, and as a result will get better and better at mastering the complex challenges of modern-day private transport.”

Rinspeed_Budii_4Budii’s entirely new operating and display system features a host of innovative entertainment, safety and service functions, and is based on the next-generation scalable platform from Harman, the world market leader in infotainment systems. The system independently identifies the habits and preferences of the driver, and consequently reduces the necessary operating steps to a minimum.

Rinspeed_Budii_2Intelligent networking technologies provide the secure connection of the car and its occupants to the outside world. This includes radar and ‘Vehicle-to-X’ solutions as well as automatic payment for parking via NFC, cell phone charging by means of wireless power charging, clever access solutions, and a keyless entry remote for unlocking, starting and customizing the vehicle. In addition, solid state lighting products provide the proper LED lighting on the vehicle.

Rinspeed_Budii_7A telescoping laser scanner on the roof called “TrackView” can be raised by 70 centimeters and delivers a precise 3D perspective by means of sensor fusion. In concert with a high-resolution camera it maps the terrain. As a result, the ride height and suspension of the vehicle are adjusted accordingly. What’s more: it also makes it possible for the driver to identify and avoid potential obstacles at an early stage, and even have the vehicle do so autonomously.

Rinspeed_Budii_6As a special gem for mobility on the final stretch to the destination, the development engineers have incorporated two electric two-wheel mini vehicles that are housed conveniently in retractable automatic drawers on either side of the vehicle.

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