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Toyota, Nissan and Honda have agreed to work together to help accelerate the development of hydrogen station infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

TNH_Hydrogen_3To increase the popularity of hydrogen-fueled FCVs, it is not only important that attractive products are launched – hydrogen station infrastructure must also be developed. At present, infrastructure companies are making every effort to build such infrastructure, but they face difficulties in installing and operating hydrogen stations while FCVs are not common on the road.

TNH_Hydrogen_1Following the formulation of its Strategic Road Map for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in June 2014, the Japanese government has highlighted the importance of developing hydrogen station infrastructure as quickly as possible in order to popularize FCVs. The government not only subsidizes the installation of hydrogen stations, but also has introduced a range of additional policies aimed at promoting activities to generate new demand for FCVs, including partially subsidizing the operation costs of hydrogen stations.

TNH_Hydrogen_2The three automobile manufacturers hope to increase popularity of FCVs and ensure that it will be easy to refuel. Consequently, they have jointly recognized the need for automobile manufacturers to promote the development of hydrogen station infrastructure alongside the government and infrastructure companies.

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