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The world premiere of the serial production model of DENZA is the culmination of cooperative efforts at the 50:50 R&D technology joint venture established by Daimler and BYD back in 2010 – the first Sino-German joint venture dedicated to an all-electric vehicle in China.

Combining Daimler’s renowned tradition and engineering expertise with BYD’s leading battery technology, DENZA is styled as a modern urban vehicle concept that fits both private and fleet customers.

The vehicle is powered by an 86 kW all-electric engine that provides a maximum speed of up to 150 km/h and impressive peak torque, at 290 Nm. Together with its big 47.5 kWh battery capacity, and a convenient suspension, customers can rest assured that they can enjoy both maximum driving fun and comfort with a range of up to 300 km. Thanks to its luxury class level wheelbase, it can comfortably accommodate up to 5 passengers, with ample legroom and an inviting 460 litre trunk volume. The roominess of the interior is complemented by a clean, functional design and high craftsmanship.

In light of the fact that the average daily driving distance in China is 50 to 80 kilometres a day, the typical customer will only have to recharge DENZA twice a week. This bi-weekly pit stop will be met with joy as driving 100 km with a DENZA cost less than 20 RMB (2,35 EUR). All this classifies the DENZA as the perfect vehicle for day-to-day use – in urban areas, and beyond.

BDNT’s first DENZA car will hit the market in September 2014. Starting at RMB 369,000 (about EUR 43,400], DENZA offers its customers two more convincing arguments: exemption from standard license plate lottery in Beijing, or even free license plates in Shanghai and Shenzhen; and central and local subsidies totalling up to almost RMB 120,000 (about EUR 14,100) that can be deducted from the vehicle price right away.

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