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Tata Motors launched the new Tata Nano CNG emax, powered by a fuel efficient, state-of-the-art engine, with CNG and Petrol bi-fuel system options.

Tata Motors showcased its emax range in June 2013, with a commitment to launch its CNG range. The Nano CNG emax is the first of the five brands in the emax series of CNG cars. The car has the lowest carbon footprint of 75.6 g/km and is the most fuel efficient car in India with a mileage of 36 km/kg.

Tata_Nano_CNGThe sequential gas injection system is thoroughly calibrated with an intelligent advanced Engine Management System (EMS) for smart switching between CNG and Gasoline fuel systems. This allows the vehicle to sense when the driver needs more power and thus, automatically shifts to gasoline mode. Switching between CNG and petrol driving modes on-the-fly is effortless, thanks to a push-button fuel type selector. Additionally, the Tata Nano CNG emax can also be started on CNG and not on petrol like other conventional CNG systems.
The car’s CNG system is intelligently packaged for maximum luggage space and cylinders are smartly fitted under the front seats which do not intrude into passenger or luggage space .
The vehicle offers a touring range of more than 150 km in CNG mode, in addition to the existing touring range of 375 km with petrol.

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