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Responding to growing customer demand in Europe for small cars with low running costs and low emissions, Kia is introducing a bi-fuel model to its Picanto small car range. 

Picanto LPG is powered by a special version of Kia’s three-cylinder 1.0-litre Kappa engine which produces 67 HP and 90 Nm of torque. To process LPG the engine is fitted with an additional fuel system featuring a solenoid valve, vaporiser (which turns the liquid LPG into a gas by reducing its pressure by 0.7 Bar), a gas filter and an injector module. The new variant will record fuel economy in LPG mode of 5.8 l / 100km and CO2 emissions of 100 g/km – with automatic stop-start (ISG) equipped models achieving 5.6 l / 100km and 97 g/km.

Kia_Picanto_LPG_2Made in Korea, the highly efficient Kappa family of engines share many common characteristics, including dual CVVT (continuously variable valve timing), a cast aluminium block, off-set crankshaft, maintenance-free long-life timing chain and low-friction ‘beehive’ valve springs.

Kia_Picanto_LPG_4The Picanto LPG is fitted with two fuel tanks – the regular 35-litre petrol tank in the regular position ahead of the rear axle and a 27-litre pressurised LPG tank located beneath the trunk floor in the space previously occupied by the spare wheel. Boot capacity is 152 litres (with rear seats upright) and a tyre-mobility kit is provided in case of a puncture.

Kia_Picanto_LPG_1Drivers can switch from petrol to LPG (and vice-versa) by simply pressing a button on the dashboard.  Apart from the addition of the fuel selector button, the only other change inside the Picanto LPG is the fitting of a new instrument cluster with two fuel gauges (gasoline and LPG) and two ‘low-fuel’ warning lamps.

Kia_Picanto_LPG_3The LPG tank and the system’s equipment adds 51 kg to the Picanto’s weight, so in order to maintain brisk acceleration (0-62 mph in 14.5 seconds) the final drive ratio is lowered by 8.6 per cent (from 4.235:1 to 4.600:1). The Picanto’s top speed – 95 mph – is unchanged from the standard 1.0-litre petrol model.

The new Picanto model will be available with a choice of two equipment levels and five-door or three-door bodystyles – just like other models in the Picanto line-up.

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