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Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima claimed his 10th victory, this time in the EV Division at the 91st running of the famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC).

PPIHC_EV_5The race, held on June 30th, commenced in the morning under a calm, clear blue sky; however these ideal weather conditions took a turn for the worse and a downpour of rain hit the track just before the Electric Division’s race cars commenced their runs at this legendary time trial event.

PPIHC_EV_4In some areas it was raining so heavily that the race start had to be delayed. Rain clouds moved quickly showering the top section, and by the time the rain clouds hit the starting line, the rain already held up the top section. The teams were very concerned about how wet the roads were, as it affects the decision to go with rain or cut slick tires.

Just as Greg Tracy with Mitsubishi – who was the fastest qualifier within the EV division – approached the time for his run up the mountain, the poor weather forced the team to make a quick tire swap to grooved tires rather than the higher performance non-grooved racing slicks. His time marked 10:23.649, which would be the set benchmark. The second runner Hiroshi Masuoka of Mitsubishi, managed to shave off more than 2 seconds off Tracy’s record at 10:21.866 and placed himself as provisional first place. Both Tracy and Masuoka raced in extremely difficult wet conditions, along with limited visibility in the higher sections of the race course.

PPIHC_EV_3‘Monster’ Tajima has experienced many similar challenging situations in the course of over 20 years of Pikes Peak Hill Climb racing. He decided on cut slick tires and requested further groove cuts to be made on the tires. The team hasted to prepare the tires to set the racing machine on the starting line in optimal condition.

‘Monster’ dashed out of the starting line, breaking section time records. He piloted the E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special at will, clearing challenging road surfaces of varying degrees of grip, and flew through the finish line. The clocked time marked 9:46.530! Despite the wet conditions, Tajima finished with an astonishing record rivaling last year’s winner record on dry conditions.

Next driver Rod Millen attacked the course, however he fell short of  ‘Monster’ Tajima’s record time.

PPIHC_EV_6Next year, rivals are sure to bring more powerful race machines, raising the bar higher with challenges to overcome. However, this is exactly what is needed to carve the pathway for the future of Electric Vehicles.

PPIHC_EV_8I was looking forward to a fine day since it was a beautiful morning. However shortly after Sebastien Loeb’s outstanding record time, it began to rain and my hopes to challenge my own new record had unfortunately ended.
I then decided to switch my focus on achieving first place in the Electric Division“, said Monster Tajima. “The road was slippery and in rough condition causing many accidents. Despite the road condition, since the vehicle settings discussed with the engineers were great, I was ultimately able to break my own 2011 course record. Breaking my petrol car record with an Electric Vehicle is a great accomplishment. I would like to further develop the EV technology in pursuit for the perfect Electric Vehicle.

Electric Division

Pos. Driver Car LapTime
1 Nobuhiro Tajima TAJIMA 09:46.530
2 Hiroshi Masuoka MITSUBISHI 10:21.866
3 Greg Tracy MITSUBISHI 10:23.649
4 Rod Millen TOYOTA 10:24.301
5 Roy Richards eO 17:31.614

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