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A brand new electric vehicle is coming to the UK fleet market from this summer, thanks to a new, official import deal struck for the Mia-Electric range of electric vehicles.

Mia_Electric_1Mia-Electric is a specialist, dedicated EV vehicle manufacturer, producing both car and CV bodystyles, offered on a common chassis and drivetrain and designed specifically for urban environments. All vehicles are produced in France, at the former Heuliez factory in Cerizay, and are already on sale across Europe. Designed to put the ‘fun’ into functional, all Mia-Electric vehicles are bespoke EVs, designed for the city and offering a central driving position, sliding doors, a cut-out floor and roof and ABS body panels.

Mia_Electric_4Each is driven by two Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, generating 12 kW, a stable chemistry giving a range of up to 74 miles and recharging fully in 5 hours.  Batteries can be charged at any time, with a 10-minute charge providing a 5-mile range.

Mia_Electric_5The official British Mia-Electric importers will be Venture Automotive Holdings Ltd, trading as ‘Mia-Electric UK’. The company will target business drivers and fleet operators initially, based on the vehicle’s obvious economic and environmental advantages, in urban and return-to-base, delivery use. “There is a very real and practical place for EVs in the UK vehicle market,” explains Venture Automotive Holdings’ MD, Paul Evans, “but, we are realistic in the best place for them. Urban environments, short journeys and regular return-to-base delivery fleets are ideal for electric vehicles. That’s where the cost per mile and zero emissions benefits are greatest and what Mia is designed for.”

Mia_Electric_3Mia-Electric’s launch to the UK fleet market will coincide with revisions to the London Congestion Charge in July, which will see only vehicles emitting 75 g/km CO2 exempt from the charge – something only attainable currently by plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Mia-Electric vehicles will be offered with a ‘Peace of Mind’ programme, comprising a five year/ 70,000-mile warranty for vehicle, battery, electric drivetrain and anti-corrosion and roadside assistance.

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