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Solaris has sold further electric buses to Germany. Two twelve-metre Solaris Urbino electric have been ordered by Rheinbahn AG of Düsseldorf for delivery next year.

Solaris_Urbino_1The Solaris Urbino electric for Rheinbahn will be fitted with a 160 kW electric motor and with 210 kWh batteries, which will be charged via a plug-in connection.

Solaris_Urbino_4Additionally, the bus will be prepared to be fitted with a Solaris-developed automatic charging system at a later date. This system, which is installed on the roof of the bus, uses pantographs similar to those of trolleybuses.

Solaris_Urbino_6Rheinbahn always is interested in new technologies and their capabilities. We want to gain extensive operational experience to have a clear view of the capabilities and not to rely on trends. Reliability, real environmental benefits and the actual cost will be part of our assessment. And we will use that as a guide for further action,” said Dirk Biesenbach, member of the Rheinbahn AG management board.

Solaris_Urbino_7With the delivery to Düsseldorf’s municipal operator, Solaris’s electric buses will once more demonstrate their advantages in providing sustainable urban mobility. This zero-emission technology is a benefit to the quality of life of any city. Solaris vehicles are well known in Düsseldorf. Rheinbahn AG operates 78 Solaris buses, including seven innovative diesel-electric hybrids.

Solaris_Urbino_5Only a few months after unveiling the twelve-metre version of our battery bus we have already sold four electric buses to operators in Germany and Austria. I am confident that we will multiply this number in the near future. Public transport can no longer be imagined without battery buses,” said Małgorzata Olszewska, Member of the Solaris Management Board for Sales & Marketing.

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