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Nissan released its first electric vehicle 66 years ago. The Nissan restoration team’s Masahiko Isobe explains the unique characteristics of the 1947 Tama electric vehicle, including the work of airplane engineers, which helped to pave the way for Nissan’s lineup of zero-emission vehicles.

1947 Tama Electric CarAfter the war oil was very scarce, but electricity was plentiful. For this reason, there was a period when the government promoted the manufacture of electric vehicles. With this encouragement, the Tama was introduced and earned a high reputation: in performance tests (conducted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry) it succeeded in bettering its catalog specifications with a cruising range of 96.3 km and a top speed of 35.2 km/h. It was used as a taxi and in similar roles until 1950.

Nissan Tama EV Specifications

Overall length / width / height: 3,035/1,230/1,630 mm
Wheelbase: 2,000 mm
Curb weight: 1,100 kg
Seating capacity: 4
Cruising range per charge: 65 km
Motor (36V): DC series-wound, rated at 3.3 kW (4.5 hp)
Batteries (capacity): Lead-acid battery (40 V/162 Ah)
Top speed (economical speed): 35 km/h (28 km/h)


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