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Renault revealed the renewed version of Kangoo Z.E., Europe’s best-selling small electric van.

The electric version is available in two lengths and three configurations for up to five occupants. It naturally carries over all the user-friendly features of its predecessor and delivers the level of driving comfort associated with electric vehicles.
Renault_Kangoo_ZE_3Like the internal combustion-engined New Kangoo, the Z.E. version features a new front end, which embodies Renault’s latest styling signature. The battery charger socket is now concealed behind the Renault logo at the front. By plugging in the cable, owners can benefit from a complete charge in between six and nine hours using a Wall Box at their home or at a roadside charging station.
Renault_Kangoo_ZE_1Another specific feature of the electric version of new Kangoo is its ‘Z.E. Voice’ function, which emits a sound to warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s approach. This system is activated at speeds of between 1 and 30 kph, but switches off when the vehicle is at a standstill.
There have been other significant evolutions to the latest-phase Kangoo Z.E. inside the cabin, too, including a new, more modern, quality center console, while the connected Renault R-Link multimedia system is now also available. Renault R-Link provides all the multimedia functions (navigation, radio, Bluetooth telephony, connectivity with portable devices, etc.) in a single system, which comes complete with a seven-inch touch screen display.
Renault_Kangoo_ZE_2Renault R-Link also includes tools designed to minimize the consumption of energy and running costs. The Driving eco function contributes to more economical motoring by analyzing individual driving styles and providing personalized tips. The TomTom Z.E. LIVE navigation system can be asked to suggest the most energy-efficient routes. With ‘My Z.E. inter@ctive’, drivers can use their computer or smartphone to programme the charging of New Kangoo Z.E. remotely in order to benefit from off-peak electricity rates.

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